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Microsoft Linux

Microsoft Linux is the announcement of a Linux Operating System, by Microsoft, for the first time ever. Microsoft has focussed on Windows, since its inception. Windows operating system has done miracles for computers, but could not do that well for mobile phone devices. 

Microsoft is using Linux operating system as a part of its latest product, the Microsoft Azure Sphere. It is the latest technology from Microsoft for providing protection to micro processors. These micro processors are used in small smart devices, and the Internet of Things. 

Microsoft is now making its efforts at the Internet of Things. It is also popularly known as IoT. It is slowly giving up on making low powered and small devices, those run on Windows. The latest Microsoft Azure Sphere platform is based on Linux operating system. 

This announcement of Microsoft, of Linux, is according to the growth of IoT devices uses, in the world. It has become a matter of prime concern now, to keep these IoT devices secure. The number of malwares out breaks on smart home devices have increased noticeably. These smart home devices lack the security features, those need to be integrated with these devices. 

Microsoft Azure Sphere platform is to be made more secure by Microsoft, by focussing on the three different levels. These levels are hardware, software and the Cloud. Microsofts commitments with Linux operating system is based on the fact that Windows will not be able to work as a base for IoT software. The Microsoft Azure Sphere Operating System uses a custom Linux kernel, that is optimised for low powered devices. These devices have an integrated security monitor to protect them from malwares attacks or DDoS attacks. 

Microsoft has made its own customised Linux kernel. Microsoft Azure Stack Operating System is the Linux element, chosen by Microsoft to run on and to provide protection to the Micro Controller Units designed by Microsoft, for the chip makers.