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Information Security

Information Security or Info Sec is the process of defending information from various threats. The word 'information' refers to data stored in computer systems. Usually the data is of vital importance for continuity and integrity of operations and hence needs to be protected by all means.

Significant objectives of Information Security include seamless availability of information. Second objective is integrity of information that involves no alteration or modification of information. Thirdly, information must reach intended recipients and should not fall into wrong hands.

Therefore, availability, integrity, and confidentiality can be considered as prime objectives of Information Security according to the CIA Triad of IS. This is further extended by adding control, authenticity, and utility of information to establish Parkerian Hexad.

Risk management is an important aspect of Information Security. Integrity of mission critical information can be compromised by interception and manipulated prior to its delivery to the intended recipient.

One of the commonest applications of Information Security is use of digital signature for authentication of identity in order to prevent unauthorized access to vital computer systems. Similarly cryptography tools for encrypting are used to ensure seamless protection of data that is being transmitted. Basic purpose of Information Security is to mitigate threats to information that are explained in Parkerian hexad.