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What is DotCMS?

DotCMS is open source Content Management System based on Java for creating as well as managing websites. It is also used for managing content driven web applications and can run on broad assortment of databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL. In addition to the regular features including API, templating, and page caching, DotCMS also offers wide spectrum of modules and features. These are forums, blogs, RSS feeds, reporting engine, Ajax calendar, and support for multiple languages to name just a few.

DotCMS helps develop public facing websites, extranet and intranet sites by using the same software and ensures maximum ROI by eliminating retraining and reducing complexity with optimized DevOps. You can leverage a single system for creation of large number of websites and applications to easily manage multi-site WebOps with remarkable efficiency as well as speed.

Enterprises can leverage mobile responsive features of DotCMS for developing multi channel mobile strategy to efficiently reuse and disseminate content across wide spectrum of channels, devices, and platforms to name a few. You can expect far superior business results with ability of DotCMS to create dynamic user experiences with targeted content, rules, and workflows. DotCMS can also be used as a reliable hub for delivering content.