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Data Center Storage

Data center storage is a unified term used to describe a myriad of tools, technologies and processes to design, implement, monitor and manage storage infrastructure and resources within a facility.

It is a part of the infrastructure of the facility and it includes all IT/data center assets that directly or indirectly involved in process of storage within a facility center.

The recent research has shown that the storage disk technology used these days in data centers, might not be adequate for managing the growing workloads and need of scalability. The industry experts believe that a newer scalable disk technology will need to be cultivated, especially to meet the needs of large data centers that offer cloud-based services.

They have Suggested Changes in Three Main Categories:

- Scalability of large disk arrays
- Security needs
- Cost-efficient growth posture

It is inevitable that Architects and Storage Manufacture always accommodate the current requirements while planning to develop technology for future. Google is pioneering the data center storage domain. It believes that the existing form factor is obsolete now and there is a need for a new, higher-volume design to be developed to meet the need of a greater disk capacity. Another area of improvements that they feel are vibration dampening, enhancement in thermal optimization, automation and robotics, helium optimization etc.

Google is not alone here that advocates the need of newer storage technology. According to a paper published by researchers from The University of Washington and Microsoft, the researchers are in favor of a big push for the development of data storage using strands of DNA.

IT giants Google and Amazon are enthusiastically funding the development of the gen-next cloud storage technology.

However, some hosting providers like ComputeHost, are providing practical solutions that bridge the gap between today scaling needs and challenges to come.

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