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Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP or Internet Protocol is a unique Internet address assigned to each PC connected to a certain network. An IP address acts as a unique identifier used to provide the valid location of a machine or a website in a certain network. It is in contrast to a normal set of multiple hosting accounts residing on a single server and sharing its IP address.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address allows you to use an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on Web and Classic hosting account.

- It allows you to view website via its IP address

- It ensures faster response during heavy traffic.

- Dedicated IP address also allows you can access your accounts by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or the Web when the domain name is otherwise not accessible, like during domain name procreation.

When you Need a Dedicated IP

When your business grows, a certain point will come where you may face some issues, and eventually, need a dedicated IP address which will either help you fix those issues or an essential tool to the success of your website. The needs that would necessitate you to have an IP address:

- If your website has large volume of traffic and requires dedicated resources to maintain performance.

Need to manage a secure website via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

- If you want to view your website via IP address.

- If you want to access your website via FTP on a regular basis.

Is Page Load Speed Affected with Dedicated IPs?

Yes, in some ways a dedicated IP address can definitely help your website load more quickly. Eventually, there is very few traffic flowing to that IP. But on the other way, every server has to investigate a pocket, verify the request and deliver it to the right domain. This is correct if there is only one website on an IP address or millions of websites. Each and every server needs to pass through this process; the number of possible destination actually does not matter.

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