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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is policies adopted to protect and recover an organization's mission critical functionalities including data and other applications in the event of some unexpected negative disruptions. Disasters to a business can take the form of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. Disaster to a business's data can also occur by way of criminal attacks, cyber-attacks, infrastructure failure, or accidental deletion of data by human activity.

Disaster recovery looks to ensure that the vital information infrastructure of an organization lost due to any disaster is immediately replaced and continuity of business is not affected. While disaster can make continuity of a business impossible, disaster recovery looks to provide solutions that would reduce the effects of a disaster with some effective precautionary steps and planning. The disaster recovery plans and measures were taken may vary depending on the size and volume of a business.

Disaster recovery can be planned through data backup and replication, systems redundancy, power backups and storing of data of the premises away from the location to ensure it is safe even if a disaster occurs on premises. Disaster recovery is a way of ensuring business continuity and the two terms are referred together and phrased as BC/DR (business continuity and disaster recovery.

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