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Domain Name

A domain name is nothing but an identification string that opens your website. Domain names are created by the rules and methods of the DNS (Domain Name Server). Any name for your website registered with the DNS is called a domain name. By typing the domain name, you can reach out to your desired website.

The domain name system was developed keeping in mind that computers use IPs which are actually a series of numbers memorizing which is a difficult task for human beings. The innovation of domain name makes it easier to remember the URL of any website. The domain name is an amalgamation of letters and numbers, and is used in combination of umpteen domain name extensions, like - .com, .in, .org and so forth.

Before using your website domain name, you need to get it registered first with any of hosting service provider. Domain names are always unique, and it cannot be the same for two or more websites.

Need of a Domain Name

If you want your business online, you will have to get a domain name typing which your clients will get to know about your products or services, and can also buy them by making the online payment. The other reason for registering a domain name is to build credibility, protect copyrights and trademarks, and increase brand awareness.


The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is responsible for managing the domain name system, the IP numbering assignment, and to fix the problems of domain name ownership settlement for gTLDs.

IDN Domain Names

IDN (International Domain Names) are domain names written in foreign languages, such as Russian, Chinese or Japanese. The IDN enables visitors across the world to communicate websites, domain names, and URLs in their innate languages.


WHOIS is a database that contains information on domain names that include the name servers associated with the domain name, the domain registrar, the name of the owner (registrant), and the administrative and technical contacts of the domain.

By performing WHOIS search, you can get entire information on any given domain name, such as Ė the registration date, the registrant, contact information of the registrant, location where the website is hosted, the expiry date of the domain, and much more.

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