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DHTMLX is a JavaScript Graphical User Interface (GUI) widget library that offers comprehensive assortment of user interface components. It aims at developing dynamic applications and facilitates a simple and user friendly functionality of desktop in addition to capability for Ajax data loading. Users can leverage its flexibility that provides drag and drop as well as in-line editing facility.

DHTMLX offers Visual Designer for supporting application development by obviating need for coding. Users are able to access every component in isolation or they can combine them into a one Java file by using its modular architecture. Written in CSS and pure JavaScript as a standalone solution, DHTMLX hosting does not interfere with other commonly used libraries.

DHTMLX has modular architecture and provides seamless compatibility with multiple devices. Visual Designers offered by DHTMLX allow development in a code-less environment and its online skin-builder can be used for customization of coloring themes. Thanks to its attribute of skin heritance that applies a particular skin set of a layout is also applied to the attached components. DHTMLX can be hosted on VPS hosting services for assured performance.

Every DHTMLX component is an independent module that has its own API. Therefore these components can be individually used of implementation of specific functionalities. DHTMLX library can also be used along with PHP, Java, Grails, Ruby, .Net or any other server side technology.