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DaaS or Desktop as a Service is basically a cloud computing service which includes third party hosting the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) back end. All needed support infra, such as network and storage resources are some things included in cloud. Along with on-site VDI, DaaS provider scans the virtual desktop on the network to the endpoint devices of customer, where the users might access the same via web browser or client software.

How it works?

The architecture of DaaS is multi-tenant and businesses invest in this service via subscription model and typically it is based on numerous instances of Virtual Desktop utilized each month.

In the delivery model of Desktop as a Service, a cloud hosting provider handles and manages back-end responsibilities like security, upgrades, backup and data storage. Although, the hosting provider manages back-end infra maintenance and costs, clients manage their applications, security, images on virtual desktop, till desktop management services comes under subscription.

Usually, the personal data of end user is copied to/from virtual desktop while sign in and sign out and accessing the desktop is independent of network, location and device. DaaS offers all benefits of Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), such as enhanced security, simple desktop management and remote worker support.

Moreover, Desktop as a Service aims to offer additional cost advantages. Deploying in-house Virtual Deployment Infrastructure needs significant upfront venture in storage, network and compute infrastructure. However, these costs have minimized and credit goes to converged/hyper-converged infra systems made for VDI.

On the contrary, with DaaS, businesses need not to pay upfront costs. They just pay for virtual desktops used by them every month. Though, with the time, the subscription costs could add up and ultimately be high than capital expenditures of setting up VDI on-premises.

In addition, a few advanced VD management abilities might not be offered for definite DaaS deployments, it all depends on the cloud hosting provider.