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Data Center Tier

Up-time of any data center is measured by the number of Tiers a data center has. Simply saying, more Tiers a data center has, more robustness, and more up-time a data center produces. Therefore this standard methodology of data centers Ďdegreeí the following:

- How well a data center performs.
- Speculation of the assets a data center has.
- A calculation of probable return on capitalization amount.

As evident, Tier 4 data center would be stouter than the Tier 3 counterpart and Tier 3 would be more robust to failures than Tier 2 and so on.

Tier 4 data centers are deployed for extremely vital operations of the computing world which have 100% redundancy of its subsystems such as aeration, electricity, connection linkages and storage. On the safety side of data; they would be the most secure systems having the bio-metric admittance and retrieval of the various data subsystems and demarcation within the data center.

Similarly Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 data centers are respectively deployed to take care of various other application of the real world. It can be summarized as:  

- Tier 1 data centers do not have redundant size components so they depend upon lone up-links.

- Tier 2 data centers have everything which a Tier 1 data center has and it additionally deploys redundant volume components.

- Tier 3 has everything a Tier 2 data center has with doubly powered apparatus and manifold linkages.

- Tier 4 data center is combination of a Tier 3 data center plus it has all mechanisms put in place to make it completely defect-insulated such as upward linkages, storage, coolers, HVAC arrangements etc. The whole kit and caboodle is doubly redundant.

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