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Data Recovery

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a process of recovering all that data, which appears to be lost or not accessible, because of either a hardware or a system failure or due to any kind of natural or man-made disaster. Data recovery is salvaging or securing data. This data is usually from failed or compromised systems or hardware. 

Data recovery is a term used in data forensics and espionage also. This term refers to the techniques of obtaining those data, which has become hard to be accessed, because of either any technical or non-technical reason. Though data loss is usually due to failure of hardware or systems, it also happens when the system data has been erased. 

What is the process of data recovery? 

There are several methods those are applied in the process of data recovery. The process of data recovery is determined by the method of data loss, at the first place. Data may be lost because of:

  File Deletion-Deleted files remain on the drive that can be relatively easily recovered. 
  File Corruption- It is possible to recover data from corrupt files or corrupt hard drives. 
  File System Format or Damage-Here, the data recovery depends on the extent of files being formatted or damaged. 
  Physical Drive Damage- It results in data loss, that can be recovered by technical experts. 
  Solid State Drive Data Recovery- SSD data storage is becoming more popular currently. Data lost from an SSD is difficult to recover, but there are number of techniques those are available for data recovery from an SSD. 

Data Recovery in Cloud Computing- 

Data storage in Cloud computing is the safest method of data storage. The data is distributed and stored in multiple number of servers and data centers, in the Cloud network. These servers and data centers are situated at remote locations.
Data loss is practically impossible in Cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers faster data recovery times and multi site availability, at a very limited cost. 
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