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Django is an open source high level Python framework that's used to build interactive and powerful sites. Development is faster with this and it helps make a user-friendly language even easier to understand. In fact, its website says that its use can facilitate the user to develop an idea within some hours. Its shortcuts allow the user to recreate commonly used functions which is of great use to people who produce and publish content.

It is supported by a non-profit US-registered organization. It has several high profile users like NASA, Instagram, etc. It can handle large amounts of traffic and so is great for enterprise sites, busy blogs, and more, along with being used for sandbox projects as well.

It can be easily used for a wide range of purposes by various types of organizations. It puts a strong emphasis on security too. Various companies offer Django Hosting. If you too are seeking it, do ask your provider about Django support, and also if it could be tacked on to your plan for free. Also, some Python versions are incompatible with Django and so you must cross-reference its website with the host's specifications to ensure that the setup would be a compatible one.