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Data in the Cloud

Storing data in the cloud offers a fair share of advantages in the sense that it ensures that data is secure, easily retrievable and convenient for businesses because it saves costs. At the same time, it is important to consider some tips when moving data to the cloud. To begin with, before you store critical data in the cloud, you need to make sure the vendor you have chosen is updated with all data center certifications and committed to privacy and security protocols. The vendor should also ideally be aware of all new regulations regarding audits; this is especially significant for businesses that deal with financial data.

You must choose a provider that knows the industry before you store your mission-critical data in the cloud. This is because data storage solutions may vary from one vendor to another and there are cloud service providers which specialize in specific fields like healthcare or finance. When choosing your provider, you should also inquire about bandwidth limitations. It is equally important to ensure that data gets encrypted before you transfer the data to the cloud. Another important thing to consider is that in case your provider encrypts the data in the cloud, they should also be able to decrypt the data.

Finally, it is necessary that you go through the SLA or Service Level Agreement carefully. The provider should be able to provide storage choices, on-demand scalability of services to keep applications running smoothly, offline backups, disaster recovery methods and regular upgrades.