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File Hosting Service

An internet hosting service that is especially aimed at hosting user files or user data on the backend for Web-related services is termed as File Hosting Service or simply, an online file storage. It is designed to store data that can belong to multiple users that can be accessed or retrieved by using HTTP or FTP protocols.

File Hosting Service is designed to cater to users who lack in-house resources or are unable to afford the cost of in-house infrastructure including a storage server. File Hosting Service providers enable users to store the wide variety of files in different formats such as:

- E-books
- Video files
- Audio files
- Manuals or tutorials
- Data files
- Software

Hosting of software files is generally preferred by developers of freeware. Software File Hosting is commonly used for purpose of marketing. In Personal File Storage, individuals can upload their files or data and share with selected individuals by ensuring password protection. Such files can be accessed through FTP or HTTP by intended users with help of passwords.

One-click hosting is intended for data uploading or downloading of files from local hard disks with a single click operation. These services are offered via Internet-based applications and are usually free of cost.

File Hosting Services are offered by service providers as monthly or annual subscription plans.

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