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What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a commercially available script library that is designed for automated installation of web applications. The popular script installer is used by a plethora of Web hosting service providers. It boasts of a voluminous library of scripts that facilitate building a website in the most user-friendly manner.

Users can rely on Fantastico for creating e-commerce sites, blogs, wikis, and customer service portals just to name a few. It offers some of the most sought after scripts and applications including OS Commerce, PHProjekt, WordPress, and Drupal. Fantastico has been associated with over 50 applications and claims to have the support of millions of users across the globe.

Execution of Fantastico scripts is prompted following the addition of the new application to the website or creation of a new website. The scripts normally execute the creation of tables in databases, software installation, adjustment of permissions, and modification of server configuration.

Essentially, Fantastico script installer also helps users with limited knowledge of Web development install and manage the large array of applications as well as scripts. It enables scripts to be installed directly. It also facilitates ease of installation if certain scripts are not required by users anymore.

Although Fantastico is focused on open source software products, it also facilitates installation of few proprietary Web applications.