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File sharing

File sharing is the process of sharing digital information. File sharing is also a practice of offering access to resources, such as, to multimedia graphics, those include both audio and video, documents, images, e books and computer programs. 

File sharing is either private or public sharing of data or computer resources. It is done on a network. File sharing has different levels of privileges of sharing data. 
Cloud computing technologies play an important role in file sharing, between individuals. Cloud storage solutions and collaboration services also are very vital for facilitating sharing of files, through internet service. This file sharing is a global phenomenon and can be done between users, who are placed in remote locations.
How File Sharing is done? 

There are many methods of file sharing. The most common and popular techniques for file sharing, file storage, distribution of files and transmission of files are: 

  Use of storage devices those are removable. 
  Installation of centralized server for file hosting, on networks. 
  Hyperlinked documents, those are World Wide Web oriented. 
  Using networks that is distributed from peer to peer.

The moment the user uses or downloads a file, through any of the methods of file sharing, the computer of the user also becomes a part of that particular network. This computer of the user now can be used by others also, to download files.

File sharing of any copyrighted file or proprietary file is illegal. 

Why File Sharing is needed? 

A large number of users can have access to a computer program, through file sharing environment, even when the program resides on a single server. File sharing is of great advantages for small work stations, where disk space is a very important issue. File sharing also greatly simplifies administration. 

ComputeHost-the leading provider of Cloud File Sharing service

ComputeHost is one of leading service provider for Cloud File Sharing service in the world. ComputeHost uses Cloud technology to arrange most efficient transfer of files, between users. It also uses Cloud storage for facilitating file transfer through Cloud network, to remote global locations.