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What is Fedora

Fedora is open source Linux based operating system that facilitates users to access the latest software in a highly stable and user friendly format. Fedora project was initiated in 2003 as a community distribution after discontinuation of Red Hat Linux. Fedora Linux continued with the collaborative approach even after it was merged into Fedora project.

Fedora has gained remarkable reputation as one of the most resourceful Linux distributions as on date. It can be easily modified to unique requirements of users and is strongly backed by outstanding support from Fedora community.

Fedora is empowered with wide spectrum of out of the box software installs including Firefox as well as LibreOffice. In addition to the software repositories for installation of more software programs, users can add extra repositories to install any other software that is not available in Fedora repositories. Users can also create their own repositories via its intuitive build system.

The entire management of Fedora package is executed by the yum utility. It is regarded as a zero-configuration tool to facilitate addition of new software by accessing individual package files or package repositories. You can also use the yum utility for removal of unwanted software from the system or for updating the current software.