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File Manager

What is File Manager? 

File manager is software program, that is web based in nature. File manager helps in managing the web sites, without the help of a File transfer Protocol or FTP. 

File manager helps the users in managing all their files on their computer systems. File manager provides the users with several options of web site management. These options are not available in File transfer Protocol programs. File manager allows the user the capability to edit contents of the file. It also helps in resetting the permissions for individual files and folders. File managers allow all the users to copy, view, edit and delete the files on their storage devices of their computers.
What is the benefit of a File manager? 

A File manager is an essential software program for those users, who wishes to download a document to her/his iPhone Operating System device. Or to upload a file from that device. The File manager software program remains necessary for the user to be able to access those files, she/he wishes to download or to upload.

No user is able to upload any document now, such as a pdf or a spread sheet, by using the native operating system of iPhone device.  The user can not also attach any file to an email, without the help of using any third party application. File manager provides better option to organise files and locations. The user can easily delete, share, copy, etc, all the files, with the help of a File manager.  

ComputeHost and transfer of files

ComputeHost, the worlds top most hosting service providing company, helps the user to easily transfer files to the users web site by using File manager. This File manager works best if it is situated in cPanel. It is always best to link to the service pages of ComputeHost, for getting best of results in file transfer, at a very affordable cost.