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File Transfer Protocol

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is standard Internet Protocol used for transferring the files in between computer over the web on TCP/IP connections.

This client-server protocol relies on two communication channels in between server and client - command channel used for controlling data channel and conversation in order to transmit the file content. Customers initiate conversations with the servers via requesting a file download. Utilizing FTP, customer can download, upload, delete, move, rename as well as copy the files on server. Typically, user has to log on in FTP server, though a few servers make all the content available with no need of login, which is called anonymous FTP.

Active or Passive Connection Mode -

FTP server might support Passive or Active connections. In Active FTP connection, customer open the port, listens and then server actively connect with the port. However, in Passive FTP connection, server opens the port as well as listen (passively), thereafter client connects with it. You should give Auto FTP Manager access to the web and select the ideal FTP connection mode.

Majority of FTP client programs choose the passive connection mode as server administrators favor it as safety measure. Generally, firewalls block the connections, 'initiated' from outside. Utilizing passive mode, FTP client, such as Auto FTP Manager can 'reach out' to server and make connection. Firewall will permit outgoing connections means there will no firewall settings adjustments required.

In case, you are making a connection to FTP server utilizing Active Connection Mode, then you should set the firewall in order to accept the connections to port that will be opened by FTP client. Though, most of the Internet providers block received connections to all the ports over 1024. Usually, Active FTP servers utilize port 20 as the data port.

However, it is advisable to utilize Passive mode in order to connect FTP server. Many FTP servers support Passive mode. In order to succeed the Passive FTP connection, administrator of FTP server should set the firewall to accept every connections to all ports, which might be opened by FTP server. Though, it is the problem of server administrator. So, you can proceed, make and utilize FTP connections.

When FTP client able to manage or open internet connections for data and command, it starts interacting with FTP server. Now, you are ready to transfer the files as well as folders in between two computers through Auto FTP Manager.