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Fedora VPS Hosting

Fedora is an innovative operating system and platform based on Linux. It is free for anyone to use, modify, or distribute. Sponsored by Red Hat, it has been developed by a community of people who believe in free and open software. Its operating system is Fedora Core which comes out two twice a year.

Since it is based on Red Hat Package Manager, Fedora VPS Hosting eliminates the need for manual installation and maintenance. It offers several useful features, such as:

- GIMP photo editing

- The office suite-LibreOffice

- The web browser-Mozilla Firefox

- Empathy-for instant messaging

- Provides users with the ability to create word files, spreadsheets, etc.

Most people go for Fedora VPS Hosting because of its extensive range of features, centralized support, and fast release pattern.

To be able to use all the features of this excellent software, you must ensure that the Fedora VPS Hosting provider has included Fedora in the hosting package along with server access to ensure manual upload. The availability of KVM Hypervisor in the package makes it an ideal choice. A minimum of two processors are needed for Fedora VPS Hosting.