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What is Foswiki?

Foswiki has been developed primarily as an enterprise wiki to enable team members to edit pages directly in web browser and collaborate with each other. Foswiki also offers high end features for advanced collaboration such as page automation by using macros and ability to create an entire application right from the browser.

Foswiki has all the characteristics to function as an ideal collaborative solution for team, project, or enterprise. It helps users create wide range of wiki applications by accessing Topic Markup Language while its functionalities can be extended limitlessly by developers with help of plugins.

Foswiki presents a highly customizable user interface by using CSS, themes and templates. It also offers seamless internationalization support and also supports wide range of characters. It can create status boards, dynamic pages, bug trackers and a lot more. It consists of more than 200 actively maintained extensions for adding to it's out of the box functionalities.

Foswiki is an ideal resource for knowledge sharing that lets you edit pages without any hassles. It also supports functions as structured data and enables use of advanced search for extraction of data. Users are allowed to build applications using macros that have similarity with Excel. The data can be extracted in number of different formats such as tabular, graphical or XML.