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What is WebGUI?

WebGUI is Perl based and open source Content Management System. WebGUI allows even the not so technical users to modify content in layouts and pages. In addition to enabling users create and manage content on their websites, WebGUI is also capable of working as an application framework and has an ability to create and install custom applications. WebGUI also allows full customization to introduce new features and offers all important tools required for content management.

WebGUI CMS empowers users with an array of capabilities including publish articles, participate in forums, manage projects, conduct polls or surveys, and create photo galleries to name a few. Users can also create interactive calendars of events and create complex data entry forms. You can manage individual user interface levels while maintaining site security through users and groups with help of WebGUI CMS.

One of the most striking features of WebGUI is its rich and intuitive user interface. It facilitates users with a drag and drop functionality for placing desired content and swiftly format content thanks to its remarkably customizable rich editor. Setting up of WebGUI is a breeze with use of its runtime environment and VmWare appliance. WebGUI is supported with its vibrant community that empowers users with consistent addition of new features.