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Web Server

Web server is defined as a computer which runs websites. Basically, it is a computer program which distributes the demanded webpages. The objective of web server is process, store and deliver the web pages to users. Intercommunication is done utilizing HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Mostly, these webpages have static content which includes images, test, HTML documents and style sheets. Besides HTTP, web server too supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for file storage and transfer as well as emailing. 

The major work of web server is displaying website content. In case, web server is used in-house or not used publicly, then it is known as Intranet Server. The moment anybody requests a website through adding web address or URL on the web browser (Firefox or Chrome) address bar (such as, then a browser sends request to net for witnessing corresponding webpage for the same address. DNS or Domain Name Server converts the URL to IP Address (for instance, that points to Web Server. 

It is demanded to depict content site to user utilizing the web browser. All sites on internet have unique IP address. The Internet Protocol or IP address is utilized for communication among different servers on the internet. Nowadays, Apache server is the commonly used web server which is available in the market. It is an open-source software which handles around 7- percent websites today. Many web-based apps utilize Apache as the default environment. Other, web server which is available is IIS - Internet Information Service (possessed by Microsoft). 

Different Kinds of Web Servers - 

There are various kinds of web servers that are available in the market. Here are some of the most renowned web servers -

1. Apache Web Server - 

Apache HTTP Server popularly referred to as Apache is an open-source web server that is developed by Apache Software Foundation. 

2. IIS Web Server -

IIS stands for Internet Information Services. Developed by Microsoft for Windows NT, IIS web server supports SMTP, NNTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and HTTP/2.

3. Nginx Web Server - 

Established by Igor Sysoev in 2004, Nginx web server is utilized as load balancer, reverse proxy, HTTP cache and mail proxy.