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Web Log Analysis Software

The web log analysis software, popularly called the web log analyzer refers to an analytical program which is capable of parsing server log files from web servers. Based on values within this log file, it will derive indicators regarding how, when and by who the web server had been visited. Such reports are typically generated right away and data extracted from log files may be stored in databases. This lets different reports to be generated depending on the demands.

What are the benefits of using the web log analysis software?

Among the most significant benefits of web log analysis over the page tagging feature is the fact that while the raw data remain available when log files are produced, data that must be collected through page tagging demands changes to the site. The web server will also reliably make a record every time any transaction is made but page tagging will rely upon the browsers cooperating that sometimes many not. Page tagging will require vendor lock-ins whereas companies are free to switch programs or analyze data using new programs since the log analysis makes use of data on the enterprise's own servers. Log files will have information about visits from search engines. They will even contain data about failed requests while page tagging will only have records when pages are successfully viewed.