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What are Virtual Private Cloud Scales?

The virtual private cloud or VPC refers to a logical compartmentalization of the cloud services provider's public cloud architecture so as to enable private cloud hosting within the public cloud environment. Like the VPN or virtual private network which can send secure data across the Internet, the VPC can ensure data transfer between the public cloud hosting provider and the private enterprise. In doing this, it ensures that each client's data stays isolated from the other client's data both within the network and even in transit. Virtual private cloud scales refers to the on-demand pool of shared resources which is provided for multi-tenant architecture and which can be easily configured.

This is a hybrid cloud computing model where the public cloud services provider separates a part of their infrastructure and gives it for private use. Here the computing infrastructure will be managed by the public cloud services provider but computing resources that are offered to the VPX are not going to be shared with other clients. The VPC was primarily introduced for clients that were keen to enjoy cloud hosting benefits but there are concerns about security and data loss. Because of this many public cloud services providers created the VPC as part of their infrastructure but with their own dedicated cloud servers, private ID addresses, virtual networks etc for the VPC customers.