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Why is the Ubuntu Popular?

Ubuntu is a very popular open source Linux distribution which has been sponsored by Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu is believed to a great distribution for those who are just starting out; the operating system was mainly designed for desktops but it can be used on servers as well. The word "ubuntu" was derived from the African language (Zulu) where it means "humanity to others". It is a community-developed Linux-based OS which is good for use on servers, laptops and desktops. It includes multiple applications such as email applications, word processing applications, web server software, programming tools etc. Being an open source OS, it is free of cost like the Linux; this includes security updates and enterprise releases.

Ubuntu is rich in features that will enable you to use this to run your home or school, enterprise or organization etc. Besides the regular applications like browsers, email and media applications, it includes many games which are found in the Ubuntu Software Center. The program looks incredible on the high-resolution screens with touchscreen enhancements such as individual menu bars for every window application. You can not only download it for free, you can also use it easily and share it. It is supported by a global community of developers. It also comes with built-in software for protection against viruses and built-in firewalls making it one of the most secure OS in the market.