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Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

WaaS (Workspace as a Service) is a well know term used for desktop virtualization. It is an innovative approach and provides a unique opportunity to its customer as a cloud hosted environment or workspace solution that offers flexibility. Clients or employees within an organization can connect to the cloud environment and access their data and application using internet connection and application streaming technologies like RemoteApp. They can do so from any device at any time as if they are working in a physical office environment on their desktop.

In the end user computing environment, there are medium-sized organizations that need to lower the high cost of operations. WaaS offers that benefit and helps the user do just that. Here the user does not have to rely on a stationary desktop; laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones provide a highly agile work environment.

To achieve competitive edge and more productivity in the market every organization looks out for cost saving, time and resource-saving options. WaaS offers efficient, elastic solutions that help organizations expand their business without adding costs and managing IT functions in a better way. It does so with centralized control mechanism at very nominal cost and less efforts so customer or staff can access data or applications anytime from anywhere with low latency rates.