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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated serving hosting is a form of hosting option in which a single server and all its resources and capabilities are dedicated to keep a high traffic website performing at its peak level. It is the most advanced and also the most expensive hosting option.

When you opt for dedicated hosting, you are assured the control of the entire server. You will get all the resources of the server and will not have to worry about other websites clogging up the server's CPU and RAM. Since the server is not shared by any other website, you are guaranteed utmost peace of mind emanating from the fact that bad scripts running on other website is not going to affect your website in the slightest. Also, spike in bandwidth usage by other website is not going to slow down your own website. This is unlike shared hosting when extra resource usage by other websites is sure to impact the speed and performance of your own website.

Your website in case of dedicated hosting continues to perform at its peak level even if there is an unexpected surge in network traffic. With a dedicated server, you also have your own unique IP address. This way, you are assured that your website will not be penalized by search engines for running malicious program or script.