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What is OpenCMS?

OpenCMS is distributed by Alkacon Software and is designed to facilitate a highly user friendly work experience by offering browser based work functionality. OpenCMS leverages Java and XML technologies and can be easily deployed in MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, and Linux. It can also be developed by using commercial components such as Oracle, IIS, and Windows NT to name a few.

The configurable editors offered by it\'s fully browser based interface facilitate structured content backed by well defined fields. Content creation can also be performed by using WYSIWYG editor. OpenCMS also provides a state of the art template engine empower site with W3C compatibility and site wide corporate layout design.

The most striking feature of OpenCMS is its highly intuitive user interface that positions all controls right on the editable webpage. Users can use a simply drag and drop content anywhere on the page as per requirement. Content can also be edited in a form based editor or by using \'inline\' method right on the web page.

A dedicated sitemap editor helps management of web pages and their navigation structure. OpenCMS facilitates an additional feature of power user interface for defining permissions and roles. Thanks to the introduction of the version 9.5 of OpenCMS, users can obviate coding to create layout and templates.