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What is OpenKM?

OpenKM is a Document Management System that also works as a resource for records management. It facilitates ease of managing digital content for enhancement of efficiency and simplifies execution of workloads. There are multiple features of OpenKM that qualifies it as an ideal DMS. These can be listed as search functionality, team collaboration, document management, and workflows.

OpenKM is a user friendly software solution that helps capture, maintain, and store every single transaction of the enterprise for enhanced record keeping functionality. OpenKM enables redefining of business logic, enhance employee collaboration, and simplify overall business processes.

OpenKM significantly improves organization's effectiveness by improving ability to control distribution, management, production, and control of documents. This helps enterprises reuse the information by controlling flow of the documents. It seamlessly integrates cutting edge search functionality, collaboration and document management into a simple and intuitive solution.

The administration tools offered by OpenKM are capable of role defining, fixing user quotas, controlling access, activity logs, and security level of documents. With OpenKM Document Management software solution, enterprises are able to create highly valuable repositories of corporate information to promote shared practices through knowledge creation and encouragement of work-groups. Information from any digital source can be procured by using OpenKM.