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OpenERP is now called Odoo. It is an all-inclusive suite of business applications that covers almost all the segments like Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Human Resources, Logistics, Financial Management among others. There are numerous modules available for the users to choose from.  
OpenERP/Odoo can be implemented on-site or in the cloud. It is an efficient solution for the small and medium businesses. It is a very popular application and is estimated to have more than a thousand installations and downloads each day and has a huge user list of more than 3 million.

Why prefer OpenERP/Odoo?

OpenERP/Odoo is flexible and can be customized as per the user needs. Because of its modular structure, it is easy to set up and allows its users to start working immediately.

There is a huge community of developers working constantly to develop and enhance its stack of functionalities. It is a necessity for your business to choose a platform which offers multiple functionalities that can be implemented for your business demands. OpenERP fits in perfectly

It is highly modular. Start with the basic OpenERP/Odoo modules and keep building more as per your needs. You still can enjoy complete benefits and features.
OpenERP/Odoo is a stack developed, updated, and modified to the latest technologies and standards.

OpenERP/Odoo is quick and can provide reports on demand, unlike the other ERP solutions that sometimes take a week or more to analyze and report.
Because of the numerous features and functionalities, the investments you make on the OpenERP/Odoo can easily be justified.

There will be considerable cost savings in operational costs, administrative costs, inventory, upgrades, and maintenance. It is completely open source and does not ask for any license fee. The words Open and ERP have been deleted and now is changed to Odoo. There are no other major modifications in the platform.