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Operating System

OS or Operating system is a software that permits users to run different applications on the computing device. Although, it is likely for software app to directly interface with hardware. Major applications are made on OS that permits them to have benefit of libraries and you need not to worry about the hardware details.

The OS manages the hardware resources of computer, such as -

-- Output devices like printers, scanners and display monitors
-- Input devices like mouse and keyboard
-- Network devices like router, network connections and modems
-- Storage devices like external and internal drives

In addition, the operating system offer services in order to facilitate efficient management and execution of memory distributions for additional software app programs.

A few operating systems or OS were made in 1950s, where computers can just execute a single program at particular time. Then, with the advanced technology, things changed and computers included most of the software programs, known as libraries that were linked in order to create starting of the operating systems today.

Operating System consists many features and components. The features vary as a part of OS differ with every OS. Though, the three easily-defined components include -

-- Kernel - It offers basic control on all computer hardware devices. Its major roles include writing and reading data memory, processing implementation orders as well as determining how much data is sent and received by devices like keyboard, mouse and monitor. In addition, it also determines how to understand the data that is received through networks.

-- Application Programming Interfaces - It permits the application developers in order to write the modular code.

-- User Interface - The component permits user interaction that might occur via graphical icons as well as desktop via command line.

Here are some of the examples of Computer OS or Operating System -

-- Microsoft Windows 10 - IBM and PC compatible OS or Operating System. It is the most used operating system.
-- Ubuntu Linux - It is a famous Linux variant, which is utilized with IBM and PC compatible computers.
-- Apple MacOS - Apple Mac Operating System is one and only Apple computer OS nowadays.
-- iOS - This computer Operating System is utilized with iPads and iPhone.
-- Google Android - This Operating System is used with the Android compatible tablets and phones.
-- Chromium - It is a Google Operating System that is utilized with Chromebooks.