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Apache Web Server

Distributed under an open source license, Apache Web Server is the most widely used web server and its global market share is more than the total share of all other servers. Almost 60 percent of all Web sites combined together depend on Apache Web server and other derivatives of Apache for their operations.

The term Apache was selected as a tribute to the native tribe of American Indians who are respected for their amazing skills in warfare and unmatched perseverance under challenging conditions. The name 'patchy server' is a creatively coined pun to indicate that it was developed by using different patches.

Apache Web server has ability to distinguish between different hosts on single machine hence it is widely used by Web hosting companies for providing VPS hosting and shared hosting.

Apache Web server is developed for running one or multiple websites based on HTTP. Following features of Apache Web server are worth mentioning:

- Supports several programming languages
- Server side scripting
- Database support
- Authentication mechanism
- Ease of scalability by code manipulation or addition of various extensions or Add-ons.

Apache was developed in the year 1995 by a group of loosely knit developers. This freely available Web server is available as Version 2.0. It is designed run on many UNIX operating systems such as Digital UNIX, Solaris, AIX, and Linux. Apache Server Version 2.0 can also run on POSIX operating systems.