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What is Atutor?

Atutor Learning Management System is open source software application for delivering Web based educational and instructional content. Atutor is a cost effective solution that can be easily adopted by small as well as large organizations for development and dissemination of online educational and instructional content.

Online educators can use Atutor for instant assembling, packaging, and distributing online courses. Atutor facilitates an adaptive, accessible, and social environment for learning. It is extremely easy to install or update Atutor, in addition to convenience of extending its functionalities, developing custom themes with help of feature modules.

Atutor is a highly standard compliant Learning Management System and supports W3C, US Section 508, and ISO/ IEC 24751 to name a few. It is also designed to support a wide array of interoperability standards.

Learners can enjoy amazing level of accessibility, thanks to DIV based themes. It also offers features of social networking, messaging, group blogs, and wide range of communication tools to support learning.

Instructors can access instructor documentation in the form of handbook. It provides links to all sections of handbook right on screen and enables ease of searching and browsing. Content manage page offers easy access to all necessary tools under Manage tab. Atutor empowers learners, instructors, authors, administrators, and developers with a plethora of attributes.

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