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OnApp is a cloud management software company offering various software solutions for the web hosting providers. It is a UK based company founded in July 2010. It provides a single platform to the web hosting providers to sell the three cloud services of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud in addition to dedicated servers, virtual servers, CDN, storage and others.

OnApp allows the web hosting providers to sell bare metal, hybrid smart servers and application servers that come with features like scalability and reliability with the cloud load balancers. It has come up with a high performing storage system eliminating the need of SAN for external storage. The features that come include user management system, DNS platform, billing plan system, automatic failover solutions, firewalls and more. It offers easy and quick deployment and a very flexible billing system for the infrastructure on both hourly and plan based billing.

OnApp offers 24/7 support to the web hosting providers that includes hardware assistance and advice, remote installation, upgrades and everything that is required to build and host their own Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud service to their customers. It has the OnApp Federation that the providers can tap for their requirements. It adds to the scalability and reliability of services to their customers and brings down latency rate.