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Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage is a smart way of storing data in the cloud using both On-premise and off-premise resources. In other words, hybrid cloud storage is based on a combined form of both types of cloud the highly secure private cloud and the low-secure public cloud; thus benefiting enterprises the advantages of enhanced security of the private cloud and low costs of the public cloud.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Cloud Storage:

It's always advised measuring the advantages and disadvantages of any service or product before you shop it. In order to help you establish an opinion, I have enlisted a number compelling advantages that would make a valuable addition to your business:

- Reduces IT operational and capital costs
- Hybrid cloud storage improves resource utilization
- Improves overall user experience
- Presents flexible and quick functionality
- It strengthens disaster recovery capabilities
- Helps to maintain good balance of cost, scaling, and isolation needs
- It helps businesses to build an exit strategy
- Provides businesses a better control over data and the application for addressing particular compliance and security requirement
- It helps enterprises to build strategies to suit future needs as well
- Better network optimization by moving the heavy lifting off-site and enhances the reliability of connection by making use of service provider's network investment

Suitable For

Although hybrid cloud storage is used for all types of businesses, irrespective of their sizes. However, businesses dealing in finance, healthcare, retail, and legal embrace it more than any other sectors.

The hybrid cloud storage model can accelerate connectivity in the workplace at a large. Businesses don't use it just for managing their files, but also incorporate it with a number of internal processes and operations, for instance- internal messaging, scheduling, business intelligence, and CRM systems.

The hybrid approach helps IT managers to manage the private and public elements more efficiently.

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