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What is Hippo CMS?

Hippo CMS is open source Content Management System that has ability to help users create, and present content across wide range of channels to visitors. It provides facility of personalization and targeting engine that enables users to connect with visitors personally.

Hippo CMS facilitates delivery of personalized as well as relevant content right from the moment your visitors arrive at your website environment. Analysis of visitors' behavior patterns is facilitated with help of open source technology offered by Hippo CMS that is designed to integrate seamlessly with broad array of data sources as well as tools. This enhances overall performance of content across contexts such as IoT devices, displays, Web, mobiles, billboards, and apps to name a few.

Open architecture offered by Hippo CMS as well as its logical interface helps enhance ease of experimenting and building innovative digital properties rapidly. This improves agility of the business in addition to granting freedom for creation of more advanced ways to offer personalized digital experience.

Hippo has demonstrated remarkable adaptability with diverse application in different industry verticals such as high tech, retail, higher education, financial services, manufacturing, media and entertainment, to name a few. Hippo CMS has also been providing robust support to services including professional services, training, support, and certification.