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Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) refers to an application protocol that is used for distributed, two-way hypermedia information system. The HTTP is basically a foundation for information for the World Wide Web. This protocol will define how messages should be formatted and sent, what actions the browsers and web servers must take in order to respond to the different commands. So, the HTTP is structured text which makes use of logical links or hyperlinks between the notes that carry text. When you enter a URL in the browser, it will send an HTTP command to the web server; this command then directs the server to fetch and send the requested web page. Another key standard which basically controls how the World Wide Web will work is HTML. The HTML covers ways in which web pages are formatted and shown. Every web server will have an HTTP daemon in addition to web pages it serves. This is a program which has been designed to get HTTP requests and to handle these when they come. When a user enters any file request by either opening that file or by clicking on any hypertext link, this browser creates an HTTP request that it sends to the IP address given in the URL. The HTTP daemon in destination servers get the request and send the requested files linked to the request.

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