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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a computer language planned to permit the website creation. The HTML created websites can be accessed by everyone that is connected to the web. Relatively, it is easy-to-learn with basics accessible to the people as well as powerful in creating the websites. Constantly, it undergoes through evolution and revision in order to cater the demands of increasing audience on the internet under W3C direction. It is an organization that charges with maintaining and designing the language.

-- It is the method through which you can move around easily on the internet through clicking on the special text, known as hyperlinks that takes you to next page. Hyper means not linear that is you can search anything on the web whenever you wish to by clicking on different links. To do things, there is not a particular order.
-- Markup is basically what is done by HTML tags. It is marked as specific text type (for instance, italicized text).
-- HTML is language, having syntax and code-words like other coding language.

How it works?

HTML contains short codes' series typed in the text-file through site author, also known as tags. This text file is saved as html file, afterwards viewed via browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. The web browser reads file and thereafter translates text in the visible form, rendering page, intended by the author. Writing HTML entails utilizing tags aptly creates the vision. To write it, you can utilize anything, right form powerful graphical editor to basic text-editor and create the HTML pages on your own.

Tags separate the normal text through HTML code. Maybe, you know them as words in between . These tags permit all cool stuff - images, tables, by only telling the browser what should render on page. Various tags will play different functions. Tags themselves does not appear, the moment you visit the page via web browser; however the effects do. Apart from applying formatting to the text, simple tags do no work. They apply formatting like -

These words will be bold, and remaining will not

In the above-mentioned example, tags wrapped around the text and effect would be contained text that will be in bold letters when saw via usual web browser.

In case, you wish to view the list of plenty of tags, then you can look at the tag references that are available online. Learning tags is distributed within coming section of the Website.