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Hybrid Server

Hybrid server is basically an internet hosting which offer a perfect combination of virtual and physical servers. It is a latest technology in the server engineering which offers power of cloud computing flexibility and dedicated server. Hardware are total allocated to the user on hybrid servers. However, the cost is comparatively less than the dedicated servers. In hybrid server environment, server is divided in utilizing the virtualization like Red Hat KVM and many more.  Every hybrid server is isolated securely and possess guaranteed resources that are available which make sure high responsiveness and performance. It combines all virtualization technology advantages along with the full dedicated server performance. 

Fundamentally, hybrid servers are the souped VPS servers. In these servers, you will receive more bandwidth, diskspace, and RAM as compared to VPS plan. For instance, a ComputeHost Hybrid Server contains 100GB diskspace, 3000GB bandwidth, and 2GB RAM. 

These servers are ideal for most applications in which businesses choose dedicated server. Hybrid server fill the space in between powerful dedicated servers and less powerful VPS; however, there is a considerable overlap in between the abilities of Dedicated Server and Hybrid Server. 

They are an apt choice for handling the websites which receives high volume of traffic, e-commerce apps, content management, file storage, and databases. Particularly, they are suitable for hosting which benefit virtualization flexibility like testing, development, constant integration servers, staging servers, load balancing clusters, and more where capability of deploying new servers instantly and reinstall/reboot the OS of server is helpful. 

At present, if you are utilizing a VPS and hitting the resource restrictions, suffering from the minimized performance, or experiencing overage charges owing to the other clients which are also using the resources of hosting server, then you must go for Hybrid Server. It is a great choice for the web applications and e-commerce stores which have outgrown the existing hosting.