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High Availability Cluster

Interruptions in a business can be detrimental to the business prospects and can cause huge financial losses. High Availability Cluster (HA Cluster) ensures business continuity with help of a set of redundant computer hardware subsequent to a component failure.

Redundancy of business processes can be achieved by designing and implementing clustering strategy. Hardware pieces that are part of HA Cluster provide a failover support to the system in the wake of the component failure to support redundancy of operations.

Hardware pieces in HA Cluster leverage data transmission systems to access shared storage locations. Ideally, a common network virtualization system should be shared by all machines and installation of HA Cluster systems must be done after proper calibration.

It is also recommended that all hosts belonging to server cluster have identical network configurations. Proper configuration of Hyper-V failover cluster ensures a robust disaster recovery plan. Settings of admission control, fault tolerance level of the host failure, and VM options control server clustering requirements.

The size of a server cluster is critical to the planning of HA Cluster. Incorporating the small number of hosts in server cluster will be a waste of resources and a large number of hosts can complicate the process of server clustering. Therefore an optimal size of the cluster needs to be determined. It must be noted that the size of a cluster reserve should match the total number of server reserves.

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