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IP Address

An IP address is a unique number that enables a computer or more digital devices to communicate with another computer or digital device on the internet. It is through the IP address location of the computer generating any information is identified and distinguished from other devices. The IP address is something like your postal address for others to send you mail.

IP expands to Internet Protocol is a system that sets rules governing the activity on the internet and enables several functions to be executed on the internet. IP address is classified as static or dynamic.

The static IP addresses are permanent and is an easy way for remote server machines to communicate with you. The address will have complete details of the continent, country, city, and area where the computer is located. Dynamic IP addresses are not permanent. They are basically assigned by a DHCP server when a computer joins a network. They are drawn from a pool of IP addresses that are shared among several computers.

IP addresses are also classified as private or public IP. The private IP address is concealed inside a network enabling the user to communicate with a router. They can be assigned by the router or manually set. The public IP address is outside the network that is allocated by the ISP. The address is used to communicate with other computers on the internet.

There are two versions of IPv4 - the older version has exhausted its quota and the IPv6 which is the upgraded version. IPv4 consists of 4 numbers each with 1 to 3 digits and a period(.) separating the set of digits. When the IPv4 was built, it came with 4 billion unique IP addresses. The new version IPv6 came into existence with 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses and is written in hexadecimal.