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Internet Service Provider

An Internet Service Provider or ISP is an organization that provides you with access to the Internet, usually through a computer. The Internet services that a typical service provider offers include Internet access, Web hosting, domain name registration, Internet transit, Usenet service, and colocation hosting

Internet service providers may be systematized in a number of forms including commercial, non-profit, community, or privately owned.

Different Types of ISPs

Till 1990s, there were mainly three types of Internet Service Providers, such as - dial-up services, high-speed Internet or broadband provided by cable companies, and DSL (Digital-Line Subscribers) services provided by telephone companies. But by the year 2013, the dial-up services were rare despite the fact that their services were very cheap. The only reason why dial-up services almost vanished as they were very slow and the other Internet Service Providers were readily available to offer much faster speeds.

DSL and Cable  

Verizon and AT&T have been two leading DSL Internet Service Providers, but DSL is witnessing the sharp decline in the last few years. On the other hand, Internet Service Providers based on cable or wireless, have been growing. The main reason for the change is the that the telephone operators have been getting more into the worthwhile smartphone business, and selling yearly contracts for mobile service as well as smartphone Internet efficiencies.

Fiber Internet:  The Game Changer

After the DSL dropped out from the race, there was a space for an innovative technology, and it has arrived - it is fiber optical or broadband. The fiber is considered to be multifold faster than the DSL or cable. This technology has revolutionized the entire Internet industry. Furthermore, in 2013, Google launched Google Fiber that provides amazing Internet speeds. Other organization as well as working on the more advanced technology of broadband.  

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