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What is Ikiwiki?

Ikiwiki is a Perl based open source wiki application developed by J. Hess. It allows addition of external plugins irrespective of languages. Pages of Ikiwiki are stored in standard version control system including subversion, Git and so forth. Ikiwiki is also part of several Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or Debian.

There are many lightweight markup languages supported by Ikiwiki. These are Textile, reStructuredText, Creole, and Markdown to name a few. The simplest function of Ikiwiki involves an off-line website generator or a wiki compiler in a static format and still enabling submission of changes by different users via VCS.

Ikiwiki can also function as a standard web interfaced wiki by using CGI for the functioning. Ikiwiki also offers a common blogging functionality including RSS feeds as well as comments for maintenance of blogs. This functionality can be accessed during the time of installation by using option of setting up simple blog available within the installer.

Although a not so advanced as well as user friendly in comparison with Bugzilla, Ikiwiki does offer functionality of query. It has potential to be used as a bug tracking system. This feature is usually not observed in wiki due to the fact that unlike wiki, bug tracking solutions are considered to be distinctive.