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Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol is commonly known as IP or communication protocol. It is the main set of rules for formats of digital messages and for exchange of these messages between computers. It is done either across a single network, or a through a series of inter connected networks. It uses the suite for Internet Protocol, which is popularly known as TCP or IP. The exchanged messages are called data packets or data grams. 

IP is the first protocol in the internet layer of the suite of Internet protocol. This suite of Internet Protocols is a set of communication protocols. It consists of four abstraction layers. These layers are, 1. Link Layer.2. Internet Layer.3. Transport Layer and 4. Application Layer. In this Link layer is the lowest and the Application layer is the highest layer in the suite of Internet Protocol. 

Why Internet Protocol is necessary? 

The internet service has large number of vendors. Internet also has Internet Service Providers or ISPs. Internet protocols made internet service modern. Internet Protocols allow the computers to communicate with other computers. 

The computers would not have the capability to communicate with each other without the set of pre-fixed rules, in the form of Internet Protocol. This communication is done over internet. Internet Protocol is the process of identifying the computer on the internet. Internet Protocol makes the communication between computers organised. The server disconnects that computer, which does not follow the rules set by Internet Protocol. 

Internet Protocol is essential for exchange of information over the computers, which are connected through Internet service. Internet Protocol allows and ensures the message to be delivered to the correct intended computer, and not to any other system. 

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