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RAP as a Service

Risk Assessment Program as a Service or RAP as a Service is usually service offered by the Microsoft that help the IT experts to analyze and assess current systems. The process consists collecting the information related to users' processes remote input and remotely via Microsoft-accredited engineers.

Often, it is also known as Risk and Health Assessment Program as a Service. The main focus behind RAP as a Service is diagnosis of the systems and troubleshooting can be delivered, same as other services on the web. The goal behind the Software as a Service started as new hosting models invented as well as businesses begun providing software services online as compared to the proprietary networks or boxes. With time, different categories get added like Communications as a Service (CaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

These remote services examine events such as hung screens, slow boot time, crashes as well as problems with the transaction speed. The idea behind offering credentialed and skilled engineering advice on the internet is new and it is receiving attention from the developers as well as IT teams. In addition, it promotes idea that any engineering service and specialized software could be performed on software as service model. It needs private information, regarding end-user to be funneled in the remote system; however it also facilitate the companies by permitting robust data collection as well as closer view of everything so that the remote engineers could fix the problems of running incorrectly or slowly.

Benefits of RAP as a Service -

-- Online Delivery through Microsoft Credited Engineer
-- Assessment results are available over the internet
-- Conveniently share results with the organization's IT staff
-- Remote Delivery Convenience, which means negligible effect on the IT environment and staff
-- Flexible scheduling options
-- Reduce the support costs via exposing the configuration and operational problems before they affect your business
-- Re-assess environment to track progress
-- Provides an access to finest practice updates for a year with the Premier Support Contract