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Rack Unit

Rack unit (RU) is a unit used to measure the space that equipment (server) takes in a mounting system. The rack unit has the symbol U and the smallest unit is termed 1U. It continues as 2U, 3U and so on till 7U which is considered as the biggest unit. The panel width generally comes in 19 inches (482.6 mm), 23 inches (584mm) and 30 inches (762mm). One rack unit is equal to 44.45 mm or 1.75 inches in height. Full size racks are 42U. Half racks consume half the width of a rack i.e. it is calculated as 9.5 inches / 241.3mm.

Rack unit is an Electronic Industries Alliance(EIA) standard measuring unit for rack mount. The 19-inch structure is the most popular and commonly used rack. The width and height of the rack mount generally are of same size. The depth of the rackmount may not be similar. The main components of rack are the two uprights that have holes in the center for machine screw. This leaves a clear space of lesser than 19 inches roughly about 18.312 inches from center to center between the two uprights while the 23-inch rack is about 22.312 inches and 24-inch rack may come up to 23.312 inches.