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Ruby is a general purpose programming language used in web programming. Rails is a software library that extends this language.When selecting a host for Ruby on Rails applications, you must verify the version of Ruby that's installed on the server. Also, ask the host if they would update Ruby as soon as the latest update is released. They should also provide you with access to installing Rails and Gems as and when you need them.

If your site needs dedicated support for application development or deployment, you'll find that many Ruby Hosting providers specialize in that. Many hosts optimize their servers to run this software more efficiently, continuously update it to the latest version available, provide pre-installed features, and offer expert technical support. Some providers go a step further and build and deploy their own network and server management systems using its framework, which includes a customer account manager and a billing system that's based on Ruby on Rails.

Do check with your Ruby Hosting provider if Ruby on Rails is an included feature and won't impact the service price. Some companies that offer Ruby Hosting are iPage, BlueHost, Arvixe, InMotion Hosting, etc.