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Platform as a Service

Platform as a service or PaaS is one of the three types of cloud computing services which give a platform to let clients develop and manage applications without going through the trouble of creating or maintaining infrastructure needed to develop or launch an app. It allows the users to build software applications through tools which are given by the vendor. Clients can choose which features they want to include and discard those that they do not need. So, the packages may vary from the very simple point-and-click type which does not need any expertise to offering infrastructure options meant for advanced development.

Application developers can enjoy many benefits of the PaaS such as the freedom to rent virtual infrastructure which saves costs. They can focus on developing applications instead. Clients get to rent resources which they require instead of buying fixed resources that may be left unused. Non-experts can easily develop applications through web browsers taking advantage of its one-click functionality, such as the WordPress. Clients have control over tools which are set up on their platforms and can help them create platforms to suit their specific needs. Features can also be changed depending upon the situations. This enables teams to work together from different locations as long as they have Internet connectivity.