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Network Operations Center

A Network Operation Center, which is popularly known as a NOC, is a physical place. It is place from where the network administrators, do their supervision, monitoring and maintenance job of the working of the telecommunication network. It is the physical place to manage typically large telecommunication networks, by monitoring and supervising the networks. 

Network operation centers are generally available in large enterprises, which are having large networks for telecommunication service. The large network service providers also have Network Operation Centers. 

A Network Operation Center is usually a built in a room, which contains visualisation of the network, or the networks. These networks are those networks, which are being monitored by the Network Operation Center. These centers are work stations, where the detailed status of the networks remains visible. The centers also houses the necessary software, which are necessary for maintaining and managing the networks.
Why is Network Operation Center Important? 

A Network Operation Center is the central point of vigilance, for solving any problem that may arise in the network. This center also plays a very important role in distribution of software and their updating. 

A NOC is very important in router management and in management of the domain name. It provides monitoring of the performance of the network and it facilitates coordination of network with other affiliated networks.
The Network Operation Center provides coordination to network troubles. It provides problem management and the services for router configuration. NOC plays an important part in management of network changes. It helps in allocating and managing domain name and IP addresses. It monitors routers and switches, with hubs and UPS systems. These help in the networks to operate smoothly, without any problem. 

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